frequently asked questions

what is a virtual tour?
a virtual tour is a 360 degree panoramic image captured using our unique camera and lens system, we then process the image to create a virtual tour which can be viewed on any computer via a CD-ROM or the internet

do I need a website to have a tour?
no the tour can be viewed on any computer via a CD-ROM, if you do not have a website but would like one we can create and host a website for you as part of our additional services

how long does it take to create a virtual tour?
depending on the number of scenes required our photographer should capture the required images for a standard tour within one hour one site, the images are then processed in to a virtual tour within 48 hours

how do I book a tour?
tours can be booked directly from virtual tour northern ireland using the contact form or telephone number, or via your estate agent, just request they book a tour for your property and get them to contact us

what happens next?
once the tour has been booked we shall contact you directly and arrange an appointment, we shall discuss your specific requirements and expectations and agree a date and time for our photographer to visit you, 48 hours after the visit we shall have the virtual tour ready for your approval

what formats do the tours come in?
we create the virtual tours in both Java and QVTR, this provides the greatest ability to the view the tours

what are Java and QVTR?
Java is built into the operating system of most personal computers hence our Java content does not require any additional software download to view it. QTVR stands for QuickTime Virtual Reality and is a technology that creates a more integrated and superior viewing experience. QTVR is free software download for all platforms and pre-installed into every Mac as well as many Windows machines on delivery. This combination allows almost every viewer to see our content with no need for additional installations.

how much does a virtual tour cost?
we provide one of the most cost effective and efficient virtual tour services within Northern Ireland, our standard tour package starts at 100, this includes up to 3 different scenes at your location, produced in both Java and QTVR formats - if you are an estate agent or property developer we provide fantastic discounts for repeat business of upto 50%

what locations are suitable for a virtual tour?
almost any location can be used as a virtual tour from rooms, to the inside of a car, to a green field site - please contact us to discuss your requirements, we provide a full guarantee that if we cannot create a professional tour to either your or our own satisfaction we shall not charge you for the tour

can I decide which scenes I would like to feature in the tour?
this is your tour and we are here to satisfy your requirements and expectations, we shall fully discuss with you the features you want to be included in the tour

do I have to be there?
no you do not have to be at the location when we capture the scenes but if we require access to your property prior arrangements for this access must be made prior to our photographers arrival

are there any security issues?
all tour are provided for client approval prior to any release, if you require any part of the image to be removed for security reasons, such as car registrations etc, we can do this for you

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