what is a virtual tour

virtual tour field of viewa virtual tour is a panoramic 360 degree image of your location which is displayed with full direction and image control on a web-based interactive presentation via the internet, intranet or CD-ROM, the tour can be used to describe and display your business, services, location and products

the virtual tour can inlayed into the webpage, displayed as a 'pop-up window' link from a webpage, or as a full interactive tour where a floor plan is used as the user control to view multiple virtual tours of a location

virtual tour field of viewa virtual tour:

- allows users to view and inspect a location, service or product quickly and easily from your website 24 hours a day and 365 days a year

- provides flexibility in the way customers can navigate and experience your business

- is one of the latest web-based developments to help promote your business

- can be used for internal company presentations and records of a project development

our virtual tours capture a fantastic panoramic image, with a full 360 degrees horizontal field of view and up to a 115 degrees vertical field of view

the virtual tours can be provided in either a Java or QuickTime format

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